Challenge yourself

Choose one of these tasks for today and let us know tomorrow!

Perform One Act of Kindness

Time: 20-60m+

Choose anything you want, big or small, as long as it is something you would not have otherwise done.

Acts of Kindness Examples

Choose a Self-Care Resource for Dealing with COVID-19

Time: 10-60m

Engage with one talk or reading from leading psychologists and mindfulness teachers.

Self-Care Resources

Be More Extraverted

Time: up to 24hrs

Try to act as talkative, assertive, and spontaneous as you can during the whole day or find a situation during a day to act this way.

Suggestions for Being More Extroverted


Time: 5-25m

Try a guided meditation or use a meditation app.

Guided Meditation Resources


Time: 8-75m

Choose one of the suggested exercises to boost your energy, health and mood.

Exercise Suggestions and Videos

Gratitude Letter

Time: 8m+

Think back over the past several years of your life and remember an instance when someone did a kind act for you. Write a letter to them.

Instructions for the Gratitude Letter

Counting Blessings

Time: 5-15m

Write down up to five things that happened today or in the last week for which you are grateful.

Instructions for Counting Blessings

Best Possible Self

Time: 10m+

Take a moment to think about your best possible self in one of these four realms: Academic/Professional/Social/Health. Then write about what you imagined.

Instructions for Writing about One’s Best Possible Self


Time: 15-40m

Think of one of your values. Describe three or four personal experiences in which the value was important to you and made you feel good about yourself.

Suggestions of Values to Write About


Time: 20-60m

Schedule a virtual therapy session or connect with a counselor through text.

Resources for Therapy and Counceling

Social Support

Time: 20-60m

Engage with friends and loved ones online through games or video chatting.

Online Social Gathering Resources

Spend Time Alone

Time: up to 24 hrs

Take some time to spend soley with yourself.

Instructions for Spend Time Alone

Cook a Nice Meal for Yourself

Time: 30-60m

Set time aside to cook yourself a meal you will enjoy.

Recipe Suggestions and Instructions

Socialize with an Elder or a Young Child

Time: 15-60m

Engage with an elder or a child in hopes of learning from each other.

Suggestions and Instructions for Socializing with an Elder or a Young Child

Spend Time with an Animal

Time: 10-120m

Set aside time to spend with a furry friend.

Ideas for Spending Time and Gaining Access to animals

Get Out in Nature

Time: 15-40m

Go outside for a breath of fresh air.

Ideas for Going Outside

Take a Technology Break

Time: 2-24hrs

Take time away from technology to better yourself.

What To Do While Away From Technology

Take Time Off from Work/Responsibilities

Time: 2-24hrs

… and do something you enjoy!

Suggestions for Taking Time Off

Reach Out to an Old Friend

Time: 10-60m

Reaching out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. This can be in person or through technology.

Ways to Reconnect with an Old Friend